PVC and Polypropylene Blowers

General Characteristics

*Direct Drive and Belt Drive fans have no metal in the air stream. The CRDV models have a stainless steel plate for a motor mount that is exposed to the air stream.

IPF fan housings and impellers are thermoformed. The impellers are auto-welded for consistent durable construction. The Support Sets are stainless steel. Given the precision design and construction the fans are known for long lasting low maintenance usage. For example: the bearings for the Belt Drive models do not need greasing for 100,000 hours.

Due to the rugged construction, we have fan models that can accommodate 24 inches of static pressure and can move up to 125,000 cubic feet per minute

Many of our customers report 25 years or more of use.

Note: On the first screen click the Fast Line Button on the left side. On the second screen enter your CFM and Static Pressure.