Scrubbers and Accessories

Scrubber Types and Materials

IPF works closely with a Chemical Engineer who designs and directly oversees the fabrication of all scrubbers. He has 25 years of experience in large and small projects.

Primarily we work on scrubber systems to ventilate acidic and alkaline gas streams.

We offer wet packed columns both vertical and horizontal. We also offer mist eliminators for liquid particulate capture. Our scrubbers are designed to achieve a high efficiency rate for both gas and particularates. Recirculating tanks can be mounted in remote locations to protect against freezing and extreme temperatures.

Generally our scrubbers are fabricated from PVC or Polypropylene but we can also provide vessels and accessories in PVDF and other specialty plastics.

When developing a quote for scrubbers The following information is needed:

  • A complete list of specific chemicals in the gas stream.
  • The concentrations of the chemicals in the tanks or process being ventilated
  • The % of removal efficiency of gas & particularates in the gas stream.
  • The temperature of the gas stream as it reaches the inlet of the scrubber.