Roof Mounted Plastic Fans
CRDV 125-315

Fan Construction Notes:

IPF fans are made in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 manufacturing standards.

IPF fan casings are thermoformed and automatically welded. The Impellers are injection molded 20 forward curved blades. Precision design and fabrication make for whisper quiet fans. Note: The stainless steel motor mount for the CRDV Series is in the air stream.

These fans can be mounted on the roof. Roof Covers are available. They can also be mounted horizontally in the duct work. A complete range of flex connectors and flanges available to connect the inlet and outlet to the duct or stack.

Spark Proof Fans are made from PPs-EL. Explosion proof motors are also available.

  • Can be mounted vertically in-line or on the roof. Roof covers also available.
  • Can be mounted horizontally in-line.
  • PPs, and PPs-EL (Spark Resistant)
  • Flex Connectors and Flanges available to connect to duct work.

Model Numbers:

CRDV 180
CRDV 225
CRDV 280

CRDV 200
CRDV 250
CRDV 315

Note: On the first screen click the Fast Line Button on the left side. On the second screen enter your CFM and Static Pressure.